The Good-Will Fire Department is equipped with two pumper/tankers (E-311, E-314) a rescue truck (R-315),
a fire police vehicle (M-316), a utility truck (M-317), a chief's vehicle (Car 1) and an assistant chief's vehicle (Car 2).

Engine 311

"Engine 1" is a 1998 Pierce Dash pumper/tanker. It is our first engine out to respond to car fires.  Equipped with a set of Jaws equipment, this is also our second apparatus responding to motor vehicle accidents and structure related calls.  This is also used as our mutual aid apparatus, responding to assist neighboring fire companies with active fires.

Engine 314

"Engine 4", our newest apparatus, is a 2012 Sutphen pumper/tanker. It is our first engine out to respond to structure related calls (including automatic alarms and structure fires). It is also equipped with a set of Jaws equipment.

Rescue 315

Rescue 315 is a 2006 Spartan/SVI. It has a 250 gallon pump with 10 gallons of foam. It also features dual light towers. Among the equipment carried on this rig are hydraulic extrication tools and a cascade SCBA refilling system.

Miscellaneous 316

M-316 is a 2000 Jeep Cherokee. It is used primarily for fire police functions.

Miscellaneous 317

M-317 is a Ford F-350 Super Duty. It is used for miscellaneous emergency calls and non-emergency situations.

Car 1

Chief's vehicle.

Car 2

Assistant Chief's vehicle.